Sundance TV

Obsessed With | Petco

Obsessed With |Silk Coconut Milk

Obsessed With | Jared 

In 2014 Hack was approached by Sundance TV who was looking for new creative ideas for branded campaigns playing off of what’s “trending” today. Hack created the concept and script for Obsessed with… which became a series of national television commercials for Sundance TV clients. The first in the campaign was for Silk Coconut Milk, followed by spots for Petco, Jared the Galleria of Jewelry and Sundance TV itself. These spots highlight Hack’s ability to take a basic ill-defined idea and turn it into a successful, long running campaign.


Sundance TV

Directed by Hack Studios

Executive Producer
Dianna Colton
Dillon Davies
Composite Graphics
Dillon Davies | Chase Honaker
Storyboards | Animatics
David McKay


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