Hack is a full-service video production studio based in Austin, Texas. We specialize in delivering skillfully crafted stories with the power of collaboration. Hack works with agencies, direct clients, artists, and brands; from concept and pre-production, to execution and finishing, we provide unique content to fit all screens.


Dianna Colton, our dedicated Executive Producer, possesses a remarkable track record of over two decades in commercial broadcast production. Spanning the entire spectrum of the production process, from the initial spark of idea creation through the meticulous stages of post-production and final delivery.

Throughout her career, Dianna's journey has been marked by a series of significant roles, each contributing to her comprehensive expertise. She has donned various hats, including that of an in-house agency manager, a versatile freelance broadcast producer, a seasoned line producer, a discerning casting director, a director's associate producer, and a capable head of post-production. These diverse roles have not only broadened her horizons but also instilled her with the unique ability to see the production process from multiple perspectives.

Dianna established her own production company, Hack Studios in 2011. Hack is a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit and her unwavering commitment to the art of broadcast production.

Today, Dianna brings together the culmination of her vast and varied experiences, collaborating seamlessly with her talented team. Together, they channel this collective wisdom to produce outstanding video and animation content that consistently garners recognition and awards.


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